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About Us

Mike Davies

Mike started his journey in the graphic design industry in1992 and over the years played key roles in marketing other businesses around Bristol. He started Direct Local back in 2012 with a local magazine targeting just South Bristol and has grown his empire to 4 publications targeting 90,000  people.

He also founded Direct Local Websites with the help of his son Matthew (The Wizard) back in 2017. With the concept of keeping everything print and digital marketing all in one place rather than having several different companies doing the job!

Matthew Clarke

Matt started website design at college on a well-known website platform called WordPress where he created a website of his own, which is now turned that into a business website, which you are currently on. But quickly learned WordPress and graduated from college with a ton of knowledge but wanted more from life than a mundane job.

Matt came up with the idea in 2018 with starting his own company MC Designs but quickly saw the benefits of collaborating with Direct Local to become Direct Local Websites and was excited to grow local businesses with digital marketing and search engine optimisation. (You may see me in shorts all year round).

The Office Dog

Buster “The Office Dog” Is our much-loved power hungry pooch, always keeping us on our feet eating his body weight in treats daily. He is small dog with a big mouth and a big appetite to go with it. He often steals the office chairs or hits “control p” thus printing what ever he sees on the screen.


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