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Over the past 10 years Direct Local Websites has worked with businesses in Bristol and surrounding areas to create beautiful websites for anything from tradespeople, restaurants and pharmaceutical companies.

One thing that sets us apart from the other web design companies is our affordability and customer service.


Leading the team at Direct Local Websites is Mike Davies, with over 30 years experience in graphic design he’s the man that comes up with the visions for all our website creations. His knowledge of the visual aspects of how a website should look and perform is second to none. Also as he run s a leading news and media company Direct Local Bristol, he can also create engaging copy for your website to attract the right customers. Mikes favourite phase is: “May The Force Be With YOU”

The chap that is in the driving seat and also the guy that builds the websites is Matthew Clarke. With over 5 years experience in building websites he can make sure your web design has the performance and the power to get your website in to pole position. Plus like a high-end sports car. He also keeps up to date with all the lasted trends to keep websites fresh and fast. Matts favourite phase is: “Can I Drive Your Car”

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direct local websites


Mike says:” Setting my own business back in 2005 was the single best decision I every made, but it was no bed of roses. From the outset nothing hit harder than life its self over the last 20 years” So Mikes background in Martial Arts, Marketing and Graphic Design has some relevance when understanding how businesses tick. With this in mind Direct Local was born in 2015 and over the years the purpose of the business has changed and developed in to one of the driving forces in Bristol and beyond.


We promise to deliver the best service from our office in Shirehampton Bristol to all of our clients old and new. So if your looking for a honest jargon free approach to growing your business online book an appointment to talk to us today.


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direct local websites
direct local websites
direct local websites