Why we use Avada vs Elementor on our websites


WordPress is a content management system (CMS) that enables you to create a website from scratch without any prior coding knowledge. It is the most popular CMS in the world, used by millions of websites. In this article, we will compare and contrast both Avada Theme and Elementor Theme, and see why we have picked Avada as our go-to WordPress Theme.

Both companies have amazing WordPress website page builders, to begin with!

Let’s start with Elementor.

This is a great theme for web designers and eager business owners who want to be frugal when starting their website, however, a lot of website designers use this theme to build their client’s websites.

The theme has a powerful drag-and-drop function making it easy to see what’s going on with a few movements of the mouse and a few clicks, they have a library of pre-built websites, where you can digitally download and pre-built websites and then change what you see fit, to create the website.

Elementor has great forums that you can use to search for queries before asking customer support, unfortunately, I do not know how long they take to respond.

As with many websites you have a header and footer, the header is normally the section at the top of the page with the logo, menu, and sometimes contact and social media details. It can also be found to have a login section or cart/basket for E-Commerce sites.

However, when I had to do some work on a client’s website, it turned out that if you did not have Elementor Pro version the header was a default, where you could only change the bare minimum of adding or removing pages in the menu, this goes for the same as the footer.

The page builder itself is really easy to use with the drag and drop function, however, you are once again limited to what you can do on the website, pushing you toward Elementor pro, however, there and many Elementor offers available to be used.

Price of Elementor

Unfortunately, in this day and age, it is very difficult to find anything that is free. Elementor has a few different variations you can purchase

The Essential plan is at £42.71 per year. If you’re a website designer and are going to need more websites then you have an Expert plan at £173.44/per year for 25 websites. Then if your need even more websites they’ve got you covered with up to 1,000 website builds at £870.68 per year.

Prices may vary as they do not include an additional tax or USA charges until the final checkout page, and the currency exchange rate.

Moving on to Avada


This is another great theme, and 1 we use for our website designs. Avada has been updating year after year, one of its biggest and best functions is the live editor. Bringing ease to seeing what changes have been made without publishing the website. It also helps with responsive design as you can switch the live builder interface from desktop view, tablet, and mobile view which helps you see more accurately what’s going on.

Avada also has a small library of pre-built websites that you can use to design your website, the fusion builder element is great and has some of its own unique features, along with its own contact form, so no need for any extra plugins.

If you need some support with using Avada there’s a huge community on Facebook, that responds fairly quickly, as well as customer services usually take 24 hours to respond and are very helpful.

Price of Avada, the great thing with this WordPress website is that it is a one-off payment for the life of £72.40 which includes the added tax and American charges. Which is great for everyone!

If you’re looking at getting a website designed for a reasonable, affordable price, check out our web design page, or fill in our contact form