Disadvantages of not having an SSL Certificate

SSL certificate

SSL Certification

We all use the internet daily, as rough estimate we are online for around 145 minutes each day!

But are all the website you browse secure?

What does SSL stand for?

SSL stands for Secure sockets layers

You don’t know how to check or what to look for when deciding if the website is safe to use and put your personal details for their accounts. I’m here to help, the most easiest way to know if the website site is secure is by looking at the left hand side of the address bar.

If it has a little padlock, this means it is safe to use, keeping your personal information safe.

no ssl certification

Unsecure website

SSL certification

Secure website







Any good website designer or web server will suggest that you make sure your website is secure. There are two main benefits of making sure you have a secure website.

  1. Google will help you be found easier on search engines as you are applying the digital certificates needed for a website.
  2. Your customers wouldn’t think twice about using someone else as they know the website is secure and can happily known their personal data is safe, making them feel comfortable to use credit cards online.

Some of the disadvantages

In some surveys its says that anywhere between 47 – 87% of people will not use a website unless it is secure. You could be losing customers because your company doesn’t have the correct security certificate.

Google does not like unsecure websites, they could potentially but a warning against the website therefore making it harder to be seen in search results

How can I resolve this issue.

If you have decided to host the website yourself, you may need to go in your hosting package and update to the next level above and make sure SSL certificate is included. However, if you did not make the website I would suggest you get in contact with the website owner and ask them to add the SSL certificate.

Or simply take a look at our Website hosting services, where we can help manage your website as well as make sure its secure as well.