Our website design process from start to finish

website design process

Website Design Process

In this article, you will see how we design any website from start to finish.

Understand your needs

The start of designing your website is to understand your business so we can help create the website for the business needs. For example, are you selling online – in this case, we would be looking at designing an e-commerce website.

Competitor Research

From understanding the business we would look at competitors’ websites to see they have designed theirs and implement a better user experience on your upcoming website. We would ask you to find 3 to 5 of your own and we will also provide some websites that we think you may like the look and feel.

Discuss the size of your website

In our website design process we would take about the number of web pages need, or that you would like to have on your website. We work out our pricing on a fixed rate for the number of pages your business requires or we think that it needs for the time being. However, we do suggest anywhere from 3 to 5 pages for any small to medium size business

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Additional Information

Content Writing

With any web design process, we check to make sure you have some content that you can provide to us so we can implement that on your website. However, that may not be the case as you are just starting out and may need some help in the digital marketing area of Logo design, content writing, branding, social media, and images.

Not to worry we can help take the stress away from going to each individual person to get the correct content. We can help write content for pages on the website as this is where most new clients struggle with not knowing what to write to fill the page in when we ask them to write around 500 to 1,000 words which help keep the target audience on the site and use your services.

Registering a domain name

We can help purchase any domain name you need for your business within reason. If someone else has the domain name you may be looking at adding a hyphen or dash in between your business name, or changing it from .co.uk to .uk. Once we have found the domain you are happy with we will then go and purchase it so there is no surprise later on down the line when your website is being put live and someone else has purchased that domain name for their business. Find if a domain is already take by searching on Who is nominet

Payment gateway

If your main purpose of the website is to sell products online then you will have to think about a payment gateway to help you process the funds from your customer’s bank account to yours, we have an article on payment gateways on our website that you can view –

Privacy Policy

A privacy policy is something every business owner must have by law since May 2018 if you are collecting personal data on your website or through your business. We can help give you advice on what needs to be on this document however, we suggest you do some research into what you need to have written on your policy

Designing the website

Now we have gotten all the details to design the website we can start work on getting the layout built correctly for all devices making sure your website is responsive and adding in all of the content we have gathered throughout the small conversations.

Website amendment

In this section of the website design process, we will send you a link so you can visually see how the website looks on your computer. We ask for you to look on a computer as we build the website ready for a computer screen and once happy with that layout we can start on designing for different devices.

Test the website design

Once you have agreed the website is completed and how you envisioned it we will then begin to test all the features on the website to make sure everything is working correctly. This will entail all pages loading on various browsers and different devices, ordering items, using the contact form, and making sure all links work correctly.

Launch of the Website

After we have done our test of the website we will save and download a backup on our server, we do this with all of our websites as you can never tell what could possibly happen

Once the website is ready we would ask you if you are hosting your newly designed website with another website hosting company or would you like us to host it on our server which you can see our plans on website hosting here

If you are hosting with us we can apply the SSL certification to your website and then get the website ready to be visible to the public within the next 12 hours or sooner. We will be keeping a close eye on everything to make sure there were no problems with the upload of the website to the server and we will inform you of when the website is successfully live and we will also do our checks to make sure the links are working correctly.