Online Booking

online booking

Online booking can be used for many things. Car rentals, holidays, shopping, and restaurants but we are focusing on the shops that are reopening on the 4th of July. Barbers and Hairdressers, some of us mainly men having been shaving the hair off or getting parents and family to cut their hair.

So why should I have an online booking form on my website?  You can choose and change the number of customers you want to attend on that day. Also, it gives you the option to give you enough time to clean after your last customer. We want to help and make sure that you and your business can have the best opportunity to get up and running quicker than you expected as I know some of the Hairdressers and Barbers were not accepted for the Government Grant and potentially not earning any income since the start of lockdown.

If you do not have a website for your Hairdressers or Barbers, not to worry Direct Local Websites can help build and design you that website you’ve always wanted at an affordable price, it gets even better we will host the website as well for no extra cost. Your website can have as little as 1 page up to 5 pages or even more, we have the solution for you so you can keep doing what you love.

We have recently created a new website for barbers who never thought about the benefits of having an online form to book his clients in and be ready for when he opens on the 4th of July. Where this client is based is not beneficial for his clients to be queuing out the door.

Direct Local website – Your local web designer.

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